An HTML document is a set of HTML element, attributes and other objects written in text format. You can say that HTML is a text document which is saved as .html extension.

Below is an example of HTML Document.
<!DOCTYPE html>


    <title>Web Page Title</title>





How to Save HTML Documents.
Save HTML File with .html Extension

HTML document saved on servers but executed on the clients devices with help of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc. HTML documents are served from the servers when client request it through web browsers on World Wide Web. HTML documents are downloaded on client’s devices and web browser renders the HTML documents line by line and gives the out as a webpage. Which line is written first on HTML document is renders and executed first on web page.

Tips:  This why programmers recommend that Java Script to be written on the bottom of the body.

What are Client’s Devices?

In the earlier days of development of World Wide Web there was only one way to access the HTML Document and that was Computer. But these days many kind of devices available which can access World Wide Web like Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tabs Smartphone and Mobiles. These devices are act like clients on World Wide Web.

Which application is use to create HTML documents?

Generally we use text editor programs which are available free on Internet like “Notepad++”. But at beginning we can use “Notepad” application which is available by default in every version of windows and Mac. For better result like professional we can also use Dreamweaver application. But Hey! This program is not a freeware we have to pay sum of a healthy amount to purchase that application.

Can we use Microsoft Word or any word processing software?

Yes! We can but usually word processing programs are built to do specific type of word processing like Auto Correction, Spelling Suggestion and Word Caps formatting which can change the text format and create many problems. Although HTML is not case sensitive but remember we pages can’t be built only with HTML there are different High-level programming languages like Java Script which is completely case sensitive.

What is Case Sensitive?

Fruit, fruit and FRUIT are same word. There is only one meaning of all the three words but as far as “Case Sensitive” is concern all three words are different.

Tips: Therefore text editor applications are better choice then word processing application.

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