Hello There! I am Chandan Kumar Vishwakarma. Developer at Progrramer Blog. Progrramer is blog about website and App development using programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java Script, SQL, PHP and many more. I am also a learner like others and keen to program and create perfect and useful apps.

But this is not it. In our daily life we require much kind of web apps and local computer apps to manage our Business etc. For example in recent past days GST (Goods and Service Tax) is started by Indian Government and previous Tax system is eliminated from the system. Naturally GST is new Tax system in India so it is fortunate that Indian Businessman whether small or large scale face the problems while maintaining the Accounts.

Many of Companies are there who deals in Accounting Software like Tally, Marg etc. If your business is large scale then no problem you can depend on these types of companies but if you are running a small scale business than scene can be different and trouble making just because of the app for maintaining the accounts are very costly and you have to keep an accountant who can operate these apps.

In this case if you are little familiar with Access or Excel VBA/ Macro then very easily you can setup your own accounting database and on very little cost you can manage your Tax proceeding and as you like. No dependency on the any company and programmer.

In this blog I not only put the programming tips in easy way rather I put each and every content with full explanation, meaning full examples along with YouTube Video Support.

Tips and Tutorials are available with complete series of website and App development. New programmer can learn so many things from this Blog.

I also believe that online jobs are very helpful at part time which gives you a chance to earn very healthy sum of amount on less cost of labour. Hence this blog also concentrate on “How to do online earnings”. Google, Facebook, YouTube and Many companies are there who gives the benefits against Native Ads to website and app developers.

I hope that you are also keen to create a perfect digital world of Software and Programs. If you have any suggestion for me please write into the comment box and share your contact link like G+, FB, and Gmail etc.


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Chandan Kumar Vishwakarma
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