How to check HTML Elements are properly nested and Resolve HTML documents mistakes in Three Steps with XHTML strict process.

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In this blog we are going to discuss about “How to check strict XHTML of HTML Document”. We will see how we can easily check that our HTML coding is perfect or how can we rectify any kind of mistake is done by us while coding in HMTL.

There are so many learners around the World Wide Web who wants to learn web site development. Everything is available online except a mentor or a guide who can give the important tips and tricks out of the syllabus of programming languages. Facebook groups and twitter follows sometimes don’t work out and then we become hopeless.

Programming is not too tough

First of all it is not too tough to learn programming. Although a programming tools are endless but nevertheless they have a limit. We have to learn only the use of the tools but end of day where and how those tools can be used it depends on us.

Let suppose you are building a web site and coding on HTML. It is obvious that we have to write Kilos and Tons of the codes to create a webpage. How can we know that all of HTML tags and elements are correctly nested in the HTML document? Java Script and PHP are kind of high level languages which cannot be executed if they are not correctly written but as far as HTML is concern the case is little different. 

How to check HTML Elements are properly nested

Suppose if you don’t close <p> tags, it might not create any trouble and looks everything is all correct but latter it can be cause to creating big problems and it might be then you have recode whole document once again. Sometime you check your codes in a single browser but few browsers can create big trouble for you if HTML codes are not properly nested so it is better to use the available tools to identify the mistakes and correct them with very easy process.
1. Step

First when you start to create html document then you create copy of that document and save the HTML document with extension of .XHTML. Now the HTML doc is XHTML doc but before doing that you can add xml and encoding attributes in html opening tag line like: <html lang = "en-US" xml = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8">

2. Step

Now your XHTML is ready to execute run your xhtml file from ‘localhot’ or ‘webhost’ with file xhtml extension for e.g. “localhost/index.xhtml” or “”.

3. Step

Now if your HTML document is written in correct manner then instead of a web page you will find HTML codes similar like you have written over the document. It shows to whole tags and elements including doctype and meta declarations. But if the document contains improper written HTML elements then it shows the errors and guides you through, until the last tag is correctly written.

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